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Another day has passed, but this time tomorrow brings another reckoning. Count Toothertin's days of bohemian indulgence are numbered, his existence a peculiar blend of man and machine. His arms, still clinging to the remnants of human warmth, are a relic of the past. Yet, the most curious aspect of Toothertin lies in his teeth, which are fashioned from gleaming tin, an enigma shrouded in mystery.

The Count had long reveled in his eccentric lifestyle, embracing the bohemian spirit with a passion for the arts, pleasure, and the boundless pursuit of enjoyment. His opulent mansion echoed with laughter, music, and the clinking of glasses as he hosted extravagant soirees that left a trail of bewildered guests.

However, the whimsical tale took an unexpected turn on a fateful night when Toothertin, under the spell of his desires, encountered a captivating Argonian named Serpentia at a masquerade ball. Their eyes locked across the crowded room, and an irresistible force drew them together like moths to a flame. The night unfolded in a 

whirlwind of passion, indulgence, and they tangoed into a night of passion that could make the devil blush.

Little did Toothertin know that this liaison would mark the beginning of the end for his carefree existence. In the following weeks, Serpentia revealed the unforeseen consequence of their passionate encounter – she was with child, carrying the Count's progeny. The revelation sent shockwaves through Toothertin's carefully constructed world.

As news of the impending arrival spread, the bohemian count found himself torn between the carefree life he had cultivated and the responsibilities of impending fatherhood. Whispers of scandal followed him like a shadow, threatening to shatter the illusion of invincibility he had carefully crafted.

Haunted by the impending responsibilities, Toothertin retreated into the solitude of his mansion, grappling with the dichotomy of his dual existence. His once-vibrant abode fell silent, the laughter replaced by an eerie hollowness that echoed through empty halls.

The enigmatic Count found himself at a crossroads, forced to confront the consequences of his actions. The mechanical hum of his human limbs seemed to underscore the inevitability of change, reminding him that even in a life of indulgence, some debts could not be avoided.

As the mysterious cyborg count prepared to face the challenges of impending fatherhood, the once-vibrant bohemian life he had reveled in was slowly fading into memory, replaced by the weight of responsibility and the uncertain future that lay ahead. The mansion, once a haven of revelry, now stood as a silent witness to the transformation of Toothertin's life from one of carefree abandon to a destiny defined by the impending arrival of a new life.


Made by:

Amanda Aguiar

David Machado

Diogo Jesus

Diogo Rocha

Moisés Moreira

Tito Aguiar

Made withGodot

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